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The Lasser Company was founded eighty years ago as a small neighborhood egg store. Today we have grown to become the largest egg suppliers in Israel.

Lasser specializes in breeding, sorting, marketing and distributing fresh eggs of all sizes and kinds. Our clients include the largest food producers, hotel and restaurant chains, and all of the major supermarkets in Israel. We are among the few suppliers who have the capacity and the logistics, which enables us to deliver our products at any location throughout Israel.

Our products are linked to every household in Israel, starting at the breakfast table, through baking,preparation of different types of dishes, and desserts.

In 2021 the company supplied around 700,000,000 eggs.

In addition to our main business as the largest eggs distributer in Israel, we formed a joint venture with "CHAM 2000". A factory  located in the northern part of Israel, CHAM specializes in producing a variety of eggs by products. They include egg & whay protein powder which is distributed under the commercial brand name "SUPER PROTIEN" and used

mainly by athletes.

As a family oriented company, we keep close and personal relationship with our employees, customers and suppliers. We recognize their contribution to our success.

We thrive on constant growth,innovation and integrity.    


How did it all begin?

The M. Lasser Company was started by the late Moshe Lasser over 80 years ago, in the 1940s, as a small shop selling eggs in the Aliya Market, Tel Aviv.

Over the years, the small shop turned into the leading Israeli company for selling and marketing eggs to both the retail and institutional markets; currently, it holds about 30% of the Israeli egg market.

What makes our family business unique?

Throughout the years, we have made sure to cultivate and maintain the family tradition and values that were set by the founder of the Company, based on mutual respect, cooperation and friendly relations. 

Together with these values, we believe in professional excellence, responsibility and integrity, and this is reflected in our relations with our employees, suppliers and customers.


The Chicken and the Egg

At Lasser the farmers come before the hen and the egg.

Hundreds of farmers from around the country supply Lasser with fresh eggs on a daily basis.

These farmers raise the hens on their own farms. We only chose farmers who provide the hens with the highest quality feed, hence, Lasser's high quality fresh eggs.

Our farmers provide the power which helps us grow.

They are also the anchor which helps our stability.

Our business relationship has evolved through the years, and has

created one big happy family.

We are very proud of our joint ventures which created large chicken farms as well spring chicken for egg production.

Another venture we engaged in is "CHAM 2000". A factory located in the northern part of Israel, CHAM produces a variety of eggs' by products such as Egg & whey protein powder, products for the food industry, institutional kitchens and baking industries.   

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